Corrugated constructions

A design or construction for a corrugated cardboard packaging is expressed in a fefco code. These codes were developed by FEFCO and ASSCO as an official international system. With simple symbols and the corresponding codes, everyone can understand what type of packaging is involved.

The drawing below shows the most common version of corrugated cardboard packaging: a fefco 0201 (F0201), also known as an American folding box.

Fefco 0201 - Folding Carton

The industry always works with the formats of the inside of the packaging and in the order: length - width - height in millimeters. So a box: 400x300x250mm F0201 is internationally understood and tells us that the internal format of this fefco 0201 should be: length 400mm, width 300mm and height 250mm.

 The fefco overviews below (tabs: F0100 series to F0900 series) show the most common standard versions. If your packaging is not included here, you can always contact us.

The F0100 Series consists of rolls and sheets of corrugated cardboard.

Fefco 0100Fefco 0100
Fefco 0110Fefco 0110

The F0200 Series consists of folding boxes which, as a rule, are produced in one piece and by glue, tape or adhesive connections.
These are supplied flat (flat) and are ready to use when the box is set up and the flaps are closed.

Fefco 0200Fefco 0200
Fefco 0201Fefco 0201
Fefco 0202Fefco 0202

The F0300 Series consists of bottom/lid packaging and consists of two parts: a bottom and a lid.
For tall packaging, a sleeve with a bottom and a lid can be used.

The F0400 Series consists of wrapping packaging and trays and consists of one part.
These packages are delivered flat and unsealed.

The F0500 Series consists of slide/sleeve packaging.
These packages are supplied flat and closed or unsealed.

The F0600 Series consists of panel packs.
These packs are supplied unsealed flat in various parts and can be put together, for example by bonding or gluing.

The F0700 Series consists of autolock packaging.
These packages are delivered flat folded. Because certain parts are glued extra at 2 or 4 points during production, for example the bottom, they can be set up quickly.

The F0900 Series consists of interior parts and often serve for separation or extra protection for the product to be packaged.
These interiors are also supplied flat.

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