Corrugated qualities

Corrugated cardboard is a nature-friendly product and is fully recyclable. Corrugated cardboard is made up of a number of layers and in its simplest form it consists of three layers: a top layer - a corrugated layer and an inner layer - or single-corrugated cardboard.

Corrugated Board

If higher demands are made on the packaging, due to the weight of the product to be packaged or the logistics route to be followed, additional corrugated, intermediate and inner layers can be added. The quality of the paper of the top layer and the inner layer partly determines the strength of the box.

The paper types range from 70 gsm to 440 gsm and the most commonly used paper types are kraftliner, testliner and gray paper (wellenstof). Coated paper can also serve as a top or inner layer. The thickness of the corrugated cardboard is produced from 1.2mm to 14mm and is indicated with letters.

There are more than 125 qualities of corrugated board which are divided into types depending on the thickness of the board.

Quality Type Thickness Description
single wave F flute 1,2 mm single wave mini-flute
  E flute 1,5 mm single wave mini-flute
  N-B flute 2,3 mm single wave - next generation  
  B flute 3 mm single wave  
  C flute 4 mm single wave  
double wave EE flute 3 mm double wave E + E flute
  N-EB flute 4 mm double wave - next generation E + N-B flute
  EB flute 4,5 mm double wave E + B flute
  N-BC flute 6 mm double wave - next generation E + N-B flute
  BC flute 7 mm double wave B + C flute
  AC flute 9 mm double wave A + C flute


For example, corrugated cardboard can be used as a shipping box or product packaging. Shipping packaging can also be printed with a company name and/or logo, so that it can also serve as product packaging on the shelves (Retail Ready Packaging).