About us

As a manufacturer of corrugated cardboard packaging and supplier of packaging materials, DutchBoxx has a rich history of almost 60 years of specialization in the packaging industry. Our team consists of 26 motivated and enthusiastic employees who work every day to provide the best possible service to all our valued customers and relations.


Production of corrugated packaging


Our machinery consists of six modern production lines with which a complete range of boxes and packaging is produced in-house. In addition to the American folding boxes and shipping boxes, we also produce sheets, wrapping packaging, XXL formats, die-cut packaging and interiors made of corrugated cardboard. Also in smaller editions!

So not only a wide range, but we can also provide these packaging with a print. All this combined with fast delivery times and options for 'on-demand' or 'just-in-time'.

Packaging materials


But you have also come to the right place for packaging materials. With an extensive program of packaging and packing materials, we offer everything related to wrap, pack and ship your products.

In addition to corrugated and folding cardboard packaging such as standard boxes, shipping packaging, cardboard envelopes and moving boxes, we also supply packaging materials and packing materials such as tape, wrapping film, strapping tape, corrugated cardboard on a roll, bubble wrap on a roll, filling material and corner pieces.

Packing material

We do it all!

We are ISO 22000 and FSC-certified and as of January 2015 Green-certified because our factory in Heerenveen uses 100% electricity from sustainable energy sources. As a result, the entire electricity consumption is CO2-neutral. This, together with water-based printing inks and glue, our rinse water reuse and the automated cardboard waste system, means that our fully recyclable corrugated cardboard packaging is also produced in an environmentally friendly way!

Your product is in good hands with us and we can advise you on the choice of packaging and the use of packaging materials. A complete and comprehensive range, combined with fast service and high delivery reliability, makes DutchBoxx your ideal and total one-stop-shopping partner in packaging in the Netherlands.

DutchBoxx office